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Miles Davis is one who writes songs when he plays

"Miles Davis is one who writes songs when he plays"

- Gerry Mulligan

About this Quote

In this quote, Gerry Mulligan is describing Miles Davis as a musician who has the capability to develop music in the minute while he is playing. Mulligan is suggesting that Davis is not just playing pre-written tunes, but rather he is composing and writing new music as he carries out. This speaks with Davis' improvisational abilities and his capability to think creatively on the area. Mulligan's words likewise indicate that Davis' music is not just a performance, however a type of artistic expression and storytelling. In general, this quote highlights Davis' special talent and his influence on the world of jazz music.

About the Author

Gerry Mulligan This quote is written / told by Gerry Mulligan between April 6, 1927 and January 20, 1996. He was a famous Musician from USA. The author also have 28 other quotes.

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