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Milkmen seem so wholesome, and theres no way anybody can be that wholesome

"Milkmen seem so wholesome, and there's no way anybody can be that wholesome"

- Max Cannon

About this Quote

This quote by Max Cannon is a funny observation about the seemingly best image of milkmen. It indicates that it is difficult for someone to be as best as they appear, recommending that milkmen are too excellent to be real. The quote implies that milkmen are seen as a symbol of wholesomeness and innocence, however that this image is too idealistic to be real. It suggests that no one can be as ideal as they seem, which the image of milkmen is too excellent to be real. The quote is a humorous way of explaining the unrealistic expectations that society has of individuals, and how it is impossible to measure up to them. It is a suggestion that no one is best, and that it is essential to accept individuals for who they are, defects and all.

About the Author

USA Flag This quote is written / told by Max Cannon. He was a famous Artist from USA. The author also have 27 other quotes.

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