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Miracles happen to those who believe in them

"Miracles happen to those who believe in them"

- Bernard Berenson

About this Quote

This quote by Bernard Berenson highlights the power of belief and its connection to wonders. It suggests that those who have faith and rely on the possibility of wonders are most likely to experience them. This can be interpreted in a spiritual and even a psychological sense. On a spiritual level, it talks to the idea that a higher power or magnificent force responds to our beliefs and can manifest wonders in our lives. On a mental level, it highlights the importance of having a favorable mindset and thinking in the potential for amazing things to occur. In general, this quote motivates us to have faith and open ourselves as much as the possibility of miracles in our lives.

About the Author

Bernard Berenson This quote is written / told by Bernard Berenson between June 26, 1865 and October 6, 1959. He was a famous Historian from USA. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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