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Most ball games are lost, not won

"Most ball games are lost, not won"

- Casey Stengel

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Casey Stengel was a legendary baseball gamer and manager who famously said, "Most ballgame are lost, not won." This quote describes the reality that many games are decided by errors, errors, or missed out on chances, rather than by fantastic plays or brave efforts. Stengel believed that the essential to winning was not to focus exclusively on making huge plays or scoring runs, however to prevent making errors that could cost the group the game.

In baseball, mistakes can take numerous kinds, including errors in fielding or tossing, failure to advance runners, psychological errors like not focusing on base running or defensive positioning, and just not taking advantage of scoring chances. Stengel recognized that all of these elements might turn a winning video game into a losing one, and that a group's success depended on reducing these errors.

Stengel's quote is especially relevant in sports like baseball, where games are typically low-scoring and decided by little margins. In these scenarios, a single error can be the difference in between triumph and defeat, and it's frequently the group that makes less errors that triumphes. By stressing the significance of preventing errors, Stengel became one of the most successful supervisors in baseball history, winning 10 American League pennants and seven World Series championships throughout his profession.

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Casey Stengel This quote is written / told by Casey Stengel between July 30, 1890 and September 29, 1975. He was a famous Athlete from USA. The author also have 41 other quotes.

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