Famous quote by Diogenes

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Most men are within a fingers breadth of being mad

"Most men are within a finger's breadth of being mad"

- Diogenes

About this Quote

Diogenes' quote recommends that most males are very close to being psychologically unstable. He suggests that it would not take much for a man to lose his sanity and become mad. This might be interpreted as an alerting to be cautious and to be familiar with the fragility of the human mind. It might also be seen as a pointer to be mindful of our ideas and actions, as they can have a significant influence on our mental health.

Diogenes' quote could also be translated as a commentary on the state of society. He may be suggesting that the pressures of contemporary life can quickly push people to the brink of madness. He might be implying that the expectations of society can be too much for some individuals to handle, causing mental health problems.

Overall, Diogenes' quote is a tip to be mindful of our psychological health and to be familiar with the fragility of the human mind. It is likewise an alerting to be mindful of the pressures of contemporary life, as they can quickly press people to the verge of insanity.

About the Author

Diogenes This quote is written / told by Diogenes between 412 BC and 323 BC. He was a famous Philosopher from Greece. The author also have 27 other quotes.

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