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My God, how can anyone ever be a master of music?

"My God, how can anyone ever be a master of music?"

- Paul Hindemith

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In this quote, Paul Hindemith is revealing his awe and adoration for the art of music. He acknowledges that despite his own remarkable skills as a musician, he recognizes that mastery of music is an exceptionally tough accomplishment to achieve. He seems to suggest that music is a limitless and intricate art kind that requires a life time of commitment and practice to totally understand and master. His statement demonstrates a deep regard for the complexities of music and the endless potential it holds for exploration and innovative expression. Ultimately, Hindemith's quote is a testament to the depth and complexity of music as a discipline, and the unlimited possibilities it provides to those happy to pursue it.

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Germany Flag This quote is written / told by Paul Hindemith between November 16, 1895 and December 28, 1963. He/she was a famous Musician from Germany. The author also have 3 other quotes.

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