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No, I do not identify with the right wing

"No, I do not identify with the right wing"

- Tom Metzger

About this Quote

Tom Metzger's quote "No, I do not relate to the right wing" is a clear rejection of the conservative political ideology. This declaration suggests that Metzger does not agree with the values and beliefs of the conservative, which generally include a strong emphasis on standard values, a belief in limited government, and a focus on economic flexibility. Metzger's quote also indicates that he does not support the policies and actions of the conservative, which frequently consist of a concentrate on decreasing taxes, cutting federal government costs, and restricting the power of the government. By turning down the conservative, Metzger is most likely expressing his assistance for more progressive values and policies, such as increased federal government spending, higher taxes, and higher government intervention in the economy. Simply put, Metzger's quote is a clear rejection of the conservative and an endorsement of more progressive worths and policies.

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Tom Metzger This quote is written / told by Tom Metzger somewhere between April 9, 1938 and today. He was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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