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Nobody responds to being made to feel judged

"Nobody responds to being made to feel judged"

- Shalom Harlow

About this Quote

In this quote, Shalom Harlow is highlighting the fact that no one likes to be evaluated or criticized. When somebody feels like they are being judged, it can make them feel protective, insecure, and even injured. This can result in a breakdown in communication and a strained relationship. Harlow is emphasizing the value of being mindful of how our words and actions can make others feel. Rather of evaluating or slamming, it is essential to approach circumstances with empathy and understanding. By doing so, we can produce a more favorable and considerate environment where people feel comfy expressing themselves without worry of being evaluated.

About the Author

Canada Flag This quote is written / told by Shalom Harlow somewhere between December 5, 1973 and today. He/she was a famous Model from Canada. The author also have 8 other quotes.

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