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Now Im kind of different. Im not saying I lost my spark - I still have it - but I dont chase the goal as much as I used

"Now I'm kind of different. I'm not saying I lost my spark - I still have it - but I don't chase the goal as much as I used to. I'm playing for the team and I still know I can score, but it's different than two or three years back"

- Peter Bondra

About this Quote

Peter Bondra's quote speaks with the concept of maturity and growth. He is saying that he has actually changed from the individual he used to be, however he still has the exact same trigger and drive. He is no longer chasing private objectives, but instead is playing for the team. He still understands he can score, but his technique is various than it was two or three years ago. This suggests that he has grown and grown as a player, and is now more focused on the collective success of the group instead of his own private achievements. He has pertained to understand that the team's success is more vital than his own, and he wants to compromise his own objectives for the improvement of the group. This is an excellent example of how maturity and growth can result in a much better understanding of the value of team effort and cumulative success.

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Ukraine Flag This quote is written / told by Peter Bondra somewhere between February 7, 1968 and today. He/she was a famous Athlete from Ukraine. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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