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On her baby: Hes 16 months old and he eats soap and paper. Whats going on with kids?

"On her baby: He's 16 months old and he eats soap and paper. What's going on with kids?"

- Celine Dion

About this Quote

This quote by Celine Dion is likely describing her own experience as a moms and dad. She is revealing her surprise and confusion at her 16-month-old child's unusual habits of consuming soap and paper. She is likely questioning what is going on with her kid and why he is engaging in this behavior. It is possible that the child is teething and is trying to relieve his gums by chewing on the soap and paper. It might likewise suggest a mineral shortage, such as iron, or a sign of a hidden medical condition. Whatever the cause, Celine Dion is most likely concerned and is searching for answers. She may be consulting from other moms and dads or medical professionals to assist her understand her baby's habits and discover a service.

About the Author

This quote is written / told by Celine Dion somewhere between March 30, 1968 and today. He/she was a famous Musician. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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