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Open the door to me, as I have opened myself for you

"Open the door to me, as I have opened myself for you"

- Jesus Christ

About this Quote

This quote from Jesus Christ speaks with the invite for a much deeper level of intimacy and vulnerability between God and humankind. Jesus is asking for entrance into the body and soul of the private as he has actually opened himself up to them. He is using the opportunity for a mutual exchange of trust and openness. This quote also highlights the idea of free choice and the power of option; the individual should select to unlock and allow Jesus in. In general, the quote stresses the significance of an individual relationship with God, founded on mutual trust, vulnerability, and unconditional love.

About the Author

Jesus Christ This quote is written / told by Jesus Christ between 4 BC and 33 AC. He was a famous Prophet from Israel. The author also have 24 other quotes.

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