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Prejudices are what fools use for reason

"Prejudices are what fools use for reason"

- Voltaire

About this Quote

This quote by Voltaire is a suggestion that prejudice is not a legitimate form of thinking. Prejudice is an irrational and unfounded belief or viewpoint about a person or group of people, and it is often based on stereotypes and misinformation. Prejudice can result in discrimination and can be harming to people and society as a whole. Voltaire is recommending that those who depend on prejudice to make choices are silly, as it is not a trusted kind of reasoning. Rather, Voltaire motivates us to utilize truths and proof to make decisions, instead of depending on our own predispositions and presumptions. He is advising us that prejudice is not a valid kind of reasoning and must not be used to make choices.

About the Author

Voltaire This quote is written / told by Voltaire between November 21, 1694 and May 30, 1778. He was a famous Writer from France. The author also have 130 other quotes.

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