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Rebellions of the belly are the worst

"Rebellions of the belly are the worst"

- Francis Bacon

About this Quote

In this quote, Francis Bacon conveys a metaphorical representation of the unfavorable repercussions that arise from catching our physical desires or extravagances. The disobediences described represent the acts of overindulgence or gluttony that stem from our own physical desires. Bacon recommends that these disobediences "of the belly" are the worst, highlighting the severe implications that develop from succumbing to our carnal instincts. By personifying the tummy as a rebellious entity, Bacon highlights the capacity for self-destructive habits when managed by our physical hungers, alerting against the harm and unfavorable outcomes that can result from such lack of restraint.

About the Author

Francis Bacon This quote is written / told by Francis Bacon between January 21, 1561 and April 9, 1626. He was a famous Philosopher from England. The author also have 104 other quotes.

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