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Safe, for a child, is his fathers hand, holding him tight

"Safe, for a child, is his father's hand, holding him tight"

- Marion C. Garretty

About this Quote

This quote talks to the significance of a dad's role in a youngster's life. It recommends that a youngster feels safe and also protected when their dad exists and actively involved in their life. The quote implies that a father's physical presence as well as touch can supply a sense of convenience as well as safety for a kid. It additionally suggests that a papa's guidance as well as defense can assist a child really feel safe and secure and also secure worldwide. Daddies can give a sense of stability and also safety for their kids, and also this quote highlights the value of a daddy's visibility in a child's life. Daddies can supply a complacency as well as safety for their kids, as well as this quote acts as a reminder of the importance of a daddy's role in a youngster's life.

About the Author

Marion C. Garretty This quote is written / told by Marion C. Garretty between February 16, 1902 and December 28, 1972. She was a famous Poet from USA. The author also have 2 other quotes.

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