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Self-defence is Natures eldest law

"Self-defence is Nature's eldest law"

- John Dryden

About this Quote

In this quote, John Dryden provides the idea of self-defense as an innate, fundamental instinct rooted in nature. By describing it as "Nature's oldest law," Dryden recommends that the imperative to secure oneself precedes any manufactured legislation or moral code. This indicates that self-defense is a classic, intrinsic force, instilled in the fabric of presence. Dryden's use of the term "oldest" stresses its primordial nature, highlighting its importance and prominence throughout history. By acknowledging self-defense as a natural law, Dryden invites reflection on humankind's fundamental right to safeguard itself, verifying its precedence and validation in the face of risk or danger.

About the Author

John Dryden This quote is written / told by John Dryden between August 9, 1631 and May 12, 1700. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 48 other quotes.

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