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Sincerity is moral truth

"Sincerity is moral truth"

- George Henry Lewes

About this Quote

This quote by George Henry Lewes talks to the significance of being honest and authentic in our interactions with others. It suggests that sincerity is a moral value that needs to be maintained in all elements of life. By being genuine, we are being honest and honest with ourselves and others. This quote motivates us to be genuine in our relationships and to be open and truthful about our sensations and intentions. It also suggests that being sincere is a type of ethical reality, as it is a reflection of our real selves. By being sincere, we are being real to ourselves and to others, and this is a form of moral truth. This quote encourages us to be genuine and sincere in our interactions with others, as this is the only method to genuinely get in touch with them.

About the Author

George Henry Lewes This quote is written / told by George Henry Lewes between April 18, 1817 and November 28, 1878. He was a famous Philosopher from England. The author also have 32 other quotes.

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