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Stolen kisses are always sweetest

"Stolen kisses are always sweetest"

- Leigh Hunt

About this Quote

This quote by Leigh Hunt recommends that stolen kisses are more pleasurable than those that are easily given. This might be translated in a few different ways. Firstly, it could be seen as a metaphor for the concept that something that is tough to acquire is more valuable and pleasurable than something that is easily accessible. It could likewise be translated as a warning against distributing excessive too soon, as it implies that the anticipation of a stolen kiss is more interesting than one that is easily given. Lastly, it could be seen as a pointer to appreciate the moments of intimacy that we show our loved ones, as they are typically fleeting and ought to be savoured. Eventually, this quote motivates us to value the minutes of happiness and enthusiasm that we share with our partners, and to make the most of them.

About the Author

Leigh Hunt This quote is written / told by Leigh Hunt between October 19, 1784 and August 28, 1859. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 13 other quotes.

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