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Tea-shops were to become my favourite haunts in England

"Tea-shops were to become my favourite haunts in England"

- Zola Budd

About this Quote

Zola Budd's quote speaks to her love of tea-shops in England. It suggests that she found relief as well as comfort in these areas, and that they became her favourite locations to go. This can be because of the ambience of the tea-shops, the people she satisfied there, or the tea itself. It might likewise be due to the memories she made in these locations. Tea-shops are frequently connected with conversation and relaxation, and also it is likely that Zola Budd located these high qualities in the tea-shops she frequented. It is also feasible that she located a sense of belonging in these places, as they supplied her with a place to go and be herself. Whatever the factor, it is clear that tea-shops were a special place for Zola Budd, which they became her much-loved haunts in England.

About the Author

Zola Budd This quote is written / told by Zola Budd somewhere between May 26, 1966 and today. She was a famous Athlete from South Africa. The author also have 7 other quotes.

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