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Thats hot

"That's hot"

- Paris Hilton

About this Quote

The expression "That's hot" was promoted by American socialite Paris Hilton. The meaning behind this phrase is subjective and can vary depending on the context in which it is used. In many cases, it might suggest that the person or thing being referred to is appealing, popular or fashionable. In other cases, it might be used to reveal approval or excitement for something that is considered cool, stylish or trendy. Overall, it can be viewed as a way of acknowledging something that is enticing or worthwhile of attention. In spite of the simplicity of this expression, it has actually ended up being a part of popular culture and is frequently used as a catchphrase in media and home entertainment.

About the Author

Paris Hilton This quote is written / told by Paris Hilton somewhere between February 17, 1981 and today. She was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 42 other quotes.

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