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The difference between style and fashion is quality

"The difference between style and fashion is quality"

- Giorgio Armani

About this Quote

In this quote, Giorgio Armani, a prominent designer, highlights the difference in between style and style. He recommends that while fashion may be ever-changing and influenced by trends, design is ageless and long-lasting. Armani suggests that real design is not practically following the most current fads, but rather about having a sense of quality. This quality might refer to the products utilized, the workmanship, or the total visual of a garment. Armani's declaration highlights the value of buying quality pieces that will stand the test of time, instead of continuously chasing after fleeting style patterns. Ultimately, this quote motivates individuals to cultivate their own unique style, rather than blindly following the ever-changing world of style.

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Giorgio Armani This quote is written / told by Giorgio Armani somewhere between July 11, 1934 and today. He was a famous Designer from Italy. The author also have 13 other quotes.

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