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The early firings contained many stones

"The early firings contained many stones"

- Andy Goldsworthy

About this Quote

In this quote, artist Andy Goldsworthy is explaining his early works of art, particularly those that included using stones. The word "shootings" recommends that these pieces were developed through a process of firing or heating the stones, perhaps to change their shape or texture. Making use of the word "contained" implies that the stones were thoroughly put or arranged within a particular space or structure. This might likewise suggest that Goldsworthy's early works were more contained and managed compared to his later on, more experimental pieces. Overall, this quote highlights the value of stones in Goldsworthy's art and mean the development of his artistic design.

About the Author

Andy Goldsworthy This quote is written / told by Andy Goldsworthy somewhere between July 26, 1956 and today. He was a famous Artist from United Kingdom. The author also have 31 other quotes.

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