Famous quote by David Seabury

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The fact, if they are there, speak for themselves

"The fact, if they are there, speak for themselves"

- David Seabury

About this Quote

This quote by David Seabury recommends that facts are self-evident and do not require any additional description or interpretation. He suggests that facts are clear and indisputable, and that they can speak for themselves. This quote motivates us to take a look at the realities objectively and draw our own conclusions. It recommends that facts need to be the basis of our decisions and opinions, instead of depending on our own predispositions or the viewpoints of others. It also indicates that realities need to be the structure of any argument or conversation, as they are the most trustworthy source of info. This quote encourages us to be open-minded and to consider all the facts prior to forming an opinion. It also motivates us to be truthful and sincere in our transactions, as realities can not be controlled or misshaped. Eventually, this quote encourages us to be mindful of the facts and to use them to make educated choices.

About the Author

USA Flag This quote is written / told by David Seabury between 1885 and April 1, 1960. He was a famous Psychologist from USA. The author also have 13 other quotes.

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