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The NFL offensive blocking is played differently they use their hands instead of their head and shoulders

"The NFL offensive blocking is played differently; they use their hands instead of their head and shoulders"

- Jim Otto

About this Quote

This quote by Jim Otto is referring to the differences in between the NFL and other football leagues when it comes to offending blocking. In the NFL, offensive gamers use their hands rather of their head and shoulders to block challengers. This is a much safer method of blocking, as it lowers the risk of head and neck injuries. It likewise enables offensive gamers to be more nimble and move rapidly to block opponents. This technique requires more ability and technique than using the head and shoulders, as the offending player must have the ability to anticipate the opponent's movements and respond quickly. Using hands also enables the offensive gamer to be more accurate in their blocking, as they can target specific locations of the opponent's body. In general, using hands instead of head and shoulders in the NFL is a much safer and more reliable method of blocking.

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USA Flag This quote is written / told by Jim Otto somewhere between January 5, 1938 and today. He/she was a famous Athlete from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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