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The world is an infinitely fascinating, tragic and humorous place

"The world is an infinitely fascinating, tragic and humorous place"

- Mike Figgis

About this Quote

In this quote, filmmaker Mike Figgis captures the essence of the world in just a few words. He describes it as "considerably fascinating," suggesting that there is constantly something brand-new and interesting to discover. This suggests that the world has plenty of unlimited possibilities and chances for expedition. However, Figgis likewise acknowledges the darker side of the world, explaining it as "tragic." This might describe the lots of hardships and struggles that individuals deal with, in addition to the injustices and tragedies that happen. Yet, despite these hardships, Figgis likewise sees the world as a "funny" location, suggesting that there is also pleasure and laughter to be discovered amidst the turmoil. Overall, this quote highlights the intricacy and duality of the world, with its endless fascination, catastrophes, and moments of humor.

About the Author

United Kingdom Flag This quote is written / told by Mike Figgis somewhere between February 28, 1948 and today. He was a famous Director from United Kingdom. The author also have 26 other quotes.

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