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There is no sin but ignorance

"There is no sin but ignorance"

- Christopher Marlowe

About this Quote

This quote by Christopher Marlowe recommends that ignorance is the only sin. This suggests that if one is aware of their actions and the consequences of them, then they are not devoting a sin. It is just when one is unaware of the repercussions of their actions that they can be thought about to be sinning. This quote motivates individuals to be familiar with their actions and to take duty for them. It likewise recommends that if one is experienced and notified, then they are less likely to commit a sin. This quote encourages individuals to be informed and to believe before they act. It also suggests that if one is well-informed and informed, then they are less most likely to make mistakes and commit sins. This quote encourages people to be aware of their actions and to take duty for them.

About the Author

Christopher Marlowe This quote is written / told by Christopher Marlowe between February 26, 1564 and May 30, 1593. He was a famous Dramatist from England. The author also have 24 other quotes.

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