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They wil rise highest who strive for the highest place

"They wil rise highest who strive for the highest place"

- Latin Proverb

About this Quote

The Latin proverb "They will increase greatest who strive for the greatest location" recommends that those who go for the highest goal or ambition will achieve the best success. It suggests that having a strong and enthusiastic drive will cause obtaining the greatest possible position in life.

This saying also stresses the value of hard work and having a relentless mindset towards accomplishing one's objectives. Individuals who are continuously pursuing quality, who are persevering, and who put their efforts into pursuing their enthusiasm and objectives will ultimately succeed and attain the highest accomplishments.

In summary, the quote "They will rise greatest who pursue the highest location" encourages people to go for the ultimate objective and gives an assurance that sincere and figured out efforts towards achieving such an objective will cause the greatest level of success.

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