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Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt

"Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt"

- Thomas Moore

About this Quote

This quote by Thomas Moore refers to the idea of fate, which highlights that a person's actions have effects. It implies that individuals that plan as well as try to harm others will eventually satisfy their downfall. They will be punished or suffer the effects of their activities, which could ultimately result in their destruction.

In easy terms, when someone focuses all their focus on harming someone else, they have a tendency to lose sight of their own wellness. They come to be blinded by their negative intents, leading them to take hazardous and also dangerous actions that intimidate their own survival.

In addition, this quote recommends that we should stay clear of making enemies and harboring ill sensations towards individuals. Rather, we ought to focus on being kind, positive, as well as looking for relaxed resolutions to disputes. By doing so, we can prevent the consequences that commonly follow a destructive mindset.

Basically, this quote by Thomas Moore reminds us that the energy we put out eventually comes back to us. Therefore, it is best to treat others with regard, generosity, as well as empathy, so we can receive the same in return.

About the Author

Thomas Moore This quote is written / told by Thomas Moore between May 28, 1779 and February 25, 1852. He was a famous Poet from Ireland. The author also have 22 other quotes.

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