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To me, America is just another market

"To me, America is just another market"

- Quentin Tarantino

About this Quote

In this quote, Quentin Tarantino is revealing his perspective on America. He sees America as simply another market, implying that it is a location where products and services are bought and sold. This declaration recommends that Tarantino views America as a capitalist society, where the primary focus is on making revenues and conducting service. He might also be indicating that America is not a place of terrific significance to him, but rather just a location where he can offer his work and generate income. In general, this quote reflects Tarantino's practical and business-oriented state of mind towards America.

About the Author

Quentin Tarantino This quote is written / told by Quentin Tarantino somewhere between March 27, 1963 and today. He was a famous Director from USA. The author also have 38 other quotes.

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