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Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness

"Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness"

- Anthony J. D'Angelo

About this Quote

This quote motivates us to look beyond the surface of what is socially acceptable and strive for a greater ethical standard. Political accuracy is often utilized to avoid offending individuals, however it can also be utilized to gloss over essential concerns. Human righteousness has to do with doing what is right, regardless of what is socially appropriate. It is about defending what is right and simply, even if it indicates going against the grain. It has to do with having the guts to speak up against oppression and oppression, and to stand up for those who are marginalized and oppressed. It has to do with having the guts to challenge the status quo and to strive for a more equitable and just society. In short, it is about doing what is right, even if it is not politically correct.

About the Author

Anthony J. D'Angelo This quote is written / told by Anthony J. D'Angelo somewhere between May 24, 1955 and today. He was a famous Author from USA. The author also have 38 other quotes.

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