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Virtue is harmony

"Virtue is harmony"

- Pythagoras

About this Quote

"Virtue is harmony" is a quote by Pythagoras, a Greek thinker and mathematician.

In this quote, Pythagoras is highlighting the concept that virtue is a state of balance and consistency. He recommends that living a virtuous life involves achieving an unified balance between different aspects of one's personality and habits.

Interpreting this quote, we can comprehend that Pythagoras is promoting for a holistic technique to virtue. He is suggesting that virtues such as courage, knowledge, and compassion are not separate qualities to be cultivated in isolation, but rather various elements of a single unified whole.

Furthermore, the quote can be seen as a commentary on the relationship between principles and looks. Pythagoras' words suggest that living a virtuous life is not merely a matter of following guidelines or codes of conduct, however rather a matter of cultivating a sense of inner consistency and beauty.

In summary, Pythagoras' quote "Virtue is consistency" emphasizes the idea that virtue is a state of balance and consistency, involving a holistic integration of different elements of one's character and behavior. The quote motivates people to cultivate a sense of inner harmony and beauty as a way of living a really virtuous life.

About the Author

Pythagoras This quote is written / told by Pythagoras between 570 BC and 495 BC. He was a famous Mathematician from Greece. The author also have 23 other quotes.

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