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Virtue is the fount whence honour springs

"Virtue is the fount whence honour springs"

- Christopher Marlowe

About this Quote

This quote by Christopher Marlowe is emphasizing the significance of virtue in achieving honor. Virtue is the foundation of honor, and without it, honor can not exist. Marlowe is recommending that honor is not something that can be attained through external methods, such as wealth or power, but rather through internal qualities such as morality and integrity. He is implying that if one is virtuous, then honor will naturally follow. This quote is a reminder that true honor is not something that can be bought or taken, however rather something that is earned through living a life of virtue. It is a suggestion that if we want to be appreciated and appreciated, we should aim to live a life of integrity and morality.

About the Author

Christopher Marlowe This quote is written / told by Christopher Marlowe between February 26, 1564 and May 30, 1593. He was a famous Dramatist from England. The author also have 24 other quotes.

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