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We moralize among ruins

"We moralize among ruins"

- Benjamin Disraeli

About this Quote

This quote by Benjamin Disraeli suggests that even in the midst of destruction and mayhem, we still find methods to impose our moral values and beliefs. This might be analyzed in a couple of various ways. First of all, it might be viewed as a pointer that even in the face of tragedy, we still hold on to our worths and beliefs. We may be surrounded by ruins, however we still make every effort to do what is right and just. Secondly, it might be seen as a caution that in times of destruction, we should take care not to enforce our own ethical values on others. We should be mindful of the reality that our own beliefs may not be shared by everyone, which we should be respectful of various opinions. Finally, it could be viewed as a suggestion that even in the midst of damage, we ought to make every effort to develop something much better. We must use our moral worths to rebuild and create a better future.

About the Author

Benjamin Disraeli This quote is written / told by Benjamin Disraeli between December 21, 1804 and April 19, 1881. He was a famous Statesman from United Kingdom. The author also have 113 other quotes.

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