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We take our cultural machinery and are moving that into the Internet

"We take our cultural machinery and are moving that into the Internet"

- Whitfield Diffie

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This quote by Whitfield Diffie talks to the concept of the Internet as a platform for the sharing of culture. Diffie is suggesting that the Internet is a location where we can take the cultural machinery that we have actually produced and use it to share our culture with the world. This might consist of things like music, art, literature, and other kinds of expression. By taking our cultural machinery and moving it into the Internet, we have the ability to share our culture with a much larger audience than ever in the past. This has the potential to develop a more connected and understanding world, as individuals from various cultures can discover each other and share their own culture with others. Diffie's quote speaks to the power of the Internet to bring people together and to share culture in such a way that was not possible prior to.

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Whitfield Diffie This quote is written / told by Whitfield Diffie somewhere between June 5, 1944 and today. He was a famous Scientist from USA, the quote is categorized under the topic Technology. The author also have 11 other quotes.

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