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We trained for a lot more malfunctions than any ever happen

"We trained for a lot more malfunctions than any ever happen"

- Laurel Clark

About this Quote

This quote by Laurel Clark speaks to the value of preparation and training. It recommends that although we might not experience the exact breakdowns we train for, the training is still important. It suggests that the more we train for, the better prepared we will be for any eventuality. The quote likewise recommends that the more we train, the less most likely it is that we will experience a malfunction. This is due to the fact that the more we train, the more we comprehend the system and the more we can anticipate and avoid prospective breakdowns. Ultimately, this quote motivates us to put in the time to train and prepare for any possible malfunctions, as it will help us to be much better gotten ready for any possibility.

About the Author

Laurel Clark This quote is written / told by Laurel Clark between March 10, 1961 and February 1, 2003. She was a famous Astronaut from USA. The author also have 28 other quotes.

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