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Well, for me it really wasnt a case of deciding to be an astronaut

"Well, for me it really wasn't a case of deciding to be an astronaut"

- Duane G. Carey

About this Quote

In this quote, Duane G. Carey is revealing that ending up being an astronaut was not a mindful decision for him. It was not something he actively picked or pursued, but rather something that appeared to happen naturally. This might recommend that Carey had a strong passion or interest in space exploration from a young age, and his course towards becoming an astronaut was almost predetermined. It likewise implies that being an astronaut was not simply a career choice for Carey, however rather a calling or destiny that he might not withstand. Overall, this quote highlights the deep and personal connection that Carey has with his occupation as an astronaut.

About the Author

Duane G. Carey This quote is written / told by Duane G. Carey somewhere between April 30, 1957 and today. He was a famous Astronaut from USA. The author also have 29 other quotes.

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