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Were the real estate industry - not the manufacturers

"We're the real estate industry - not the manufacturers"

- Joe Murray

About this Quote

Joe Murray's quote is a tip of the importance of the realty industry in the economy. It is a reminder that the real estate industry is not the like the production market, which it has its own unique set of challenges and chances. The real estate market is responsible for providing real estate, commercial space, and other realty services to the general public. It is a significant factor to the economy, supplying jobs and income to lots of people. The industry is likewise accountable for assisting to form the landscape of cities and towns, and for supplying a location for individuals to live and work. Joe Murray's quote is a tip that the real estate market is an important part of the economy, and that it should be respected and supported.

About the Author

Joe Murray This quote is written / told by Joe Murray somewhere between May 3, 1961 and today. He was a famous Artist from USA. The author also have 13 other quotes.

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