Famous quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein

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What can be shown, cannot be said

"What can be shown, cannot be said"

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

About this Quote

This quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein recommends that some points can not be expressed in words, but can be demonstrated or shown. This implies that some principles are as well complex to be described in words, and also can just be comprehended via experience or demonstration. Wittgenstein's quote suggests that language is restricted in its capability to share specific ideas, which some points are much better recognized via aesthetic or physical representation.

This quote can additionally be taken a pointer that words can only do so much to communicate a message. It recommends that words alone are not nearly enough to completely describe a concept, and that occasionally it is needed to make use of other methods to show a suggestion. Wittgenstein's quote motivates us to believe past words and also to explore various other ways of conveying our ideas and feelings.

On the whole, Wittgenstein's quote urges us to think beyond language and also to check out various other ways of expressing our concepts. It reminds us that words are not constantly sufficient to convey a message, which sometimes it is necessary to use various other techniques to demonstrate a suggestion. This quote encourages us to assume creatively as well as to discover various ways of revealing our thoughts as well as sensations.

About the Author

Ludwig Wittgenstein This quote is written / told by Ludwig Wittgenstein between April 26, 1889 and April 29, 1951. He was a famous Philosopher from Austria. The author also have 47 other quotes.

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