Famous quote by William Shakespeare

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Whats done cant be undone

"What's done can't be undone"

- William Shakespeare

About this Quote

This quote by William Shakespeare is a reminder that our actions have repercussions which we need to bear in mind the choices we make. It is a caution that once something has been done, it can not be reversed. This quote motivates us to think carefully prior to we act, as our options can have lasting results. It also works as a pointer that we should accept the consequences of our actions, no matter how challenging they may be. This quote is a reminder that we must take responsibility for our actions which we can not reverse the past. It is a reminder that we should learn from our errors and aim to make much better choices in the future. Ultimately, this quote functions as a pointer that we need to be mindful of our actions which we should accept the consequences of our decisions.

About the Author

William Shakespeare This quote is written / told by William Shakespeare between April 26, 1564 and April 23, 1616. He was a famous Dramatist from England. The author also have 172 other quotes.

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