Famous quote by Richard Hooker

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Whatsoever is good the same is also approved of God

"Whatsoever is good; the same is also approved of God"

- Richard Hooker

About this Quote

In this quote, Richard Hooker is revealing the belief that anything that is thought about excellent by human requirements is also authorized by God. This suggests that there is a universal requirement of goodness that is recognized by both humans and God. Hooker is stressing the significance of aligning our actions and beliefs with this standard of goodness, as it is ultimately authorized by God. This quote also suggests that God's approval is not limited to religious or spiritual matters, but encompasses all aspects of life. Overall, Hooker's words convey the idea that goodness is a basic concept that is valued by both human beings and God.

About the Author

Richard Hooker This quote is written / told by Richard Hooker between March 1, 1554 and November 3, 1600. He was a famous Priest from England. The author also have 5 other quotes.

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