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When a man is able to connect with his feelings, he is able to care more

"When a man is able to connect with his feelings, he is able to care more"

- Warren Farrell

About this Quote

This quote by Warren Farrell talks to the importance of emotional intelligence and the power of connecting with one's feelings. When a man has the ability to acknowledge and comprehend his own emotions, he is much better able to feel sorry for the sensations of others. This connection with his own sensations enables him to be more compassionate and caring towards others. It also enables him to much better comprehend the motivations and feelings of those around him, which can assist him to develop more powerful relationships. By getting in touch with his feelings, a guy can become more familiar with his own requirements and those of others, which can cause more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, getting in touch with one's sensations can lead to higher emotional intelligence and a greater capability for care and understanding.

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USA Flag This quote is written / told by Warren Farrell somewhere between June 26, 1943 and today. He/she was a famous Writer from USA. The author also have 23 other quotes.

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