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When George Bush used the Willie Horton ad, he knew what he was doing

"When George Bush used the Willie Horton ad, he knew what he was doing"

- Paul Tsongas

About this Quote

Paul Tsongas was describing the notorious 1988 governmental campaign ad utilized by George Bush against his challenger, Michael Dukakis. The ad included a convicted killer, Willie Horton, who had actually been launched from jail on a weekend furlough program supported by Dukakis. Bush utilized the ad to paint Dukakis as soft on criminal activity and to interest the worries of white voters. Tsongas was implying that Bush knew the racial ramifications of the ad and was using it to his benefit. He was suggesting that Bush was making use of racial tensions to get votes and was not above using fear-mongering methods to win the election. Tsongas was criticizing Bush for his determination to use such a dissentious ad in order to acquire political power. He was recommending that Bush was willing to do whatever it required to win, even if it meant exploiting racial stress.

About the Author

USA Flag This quote is written / told by Paul Tsongas between February 14, 1941 and January 18, 1997. He/she was a famous Politician from USA. The author also have 26 other quotes.

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