Famous quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

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When in doubt, do it

"When in doubt, do it"

- Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

About this Quote

The quote "When in doubt, do it" by Oliver Wendell Holmes encourages one to act, even when uncertain or reluctant. It suggests that doubt and unpredictability can result in missed out on chances and remorses, which it is typically better to take a threat and try than to do nothing at all. This quote speaks to the importance of taking effort and being confident in one's actions, even if there is some uncertainty or worry of failure. In essence, it motivates individuals to trust their impulses and go all out, rather than constantly second-guessing themselves and letting doubts hold them back.

About the Author

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. This quote is written / told by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. between August 29, 1809 and October 8, 1894. He was a famous Poet from USA. The author also have 77 other quotes.

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