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Winners use words that say must and will

"Winners use words that say 'must' and 'will'"

- Jordan Belfort

About this Quote

Jordan Belfort's quote suggests that successful individuals have a strong sense of determination and commitment to their goals. They use words that express a sense of seriousness and a dedication to accomplishing their objectives. They do not simply talk about what they wish to do, they use words that express a sense of certainty and a commitment to making it happen. They don't simply say they "must" do something, they say they "must" do it and they "will" do it. This attitude of decision and dedication is what sets successful individuals apart from those who are not successful. It is this attitude that permits them to do something about it and make their dreams a reality.

About the Author

Jordan Belfort This quote is written / told by Jordan Belfort somewhere between July 9, 1962 and today. He was a famous Author from USA. The author also have 18 other quotes.

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