Famous quote by Alan Bates

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Youve got to have steel in you somewhere

"You've got to have steel in you somewhere"

- Alan Bates

About this Quote

In this quote, Alan Bates is stressing the value of having inner strength and strength. He is suggesting that in order to prosper and get rid of difficulties, one need to have a certain level of durability and determination. The use of the word "steel" suggests a strong and solid quality, suggesting that this inner strength is vital for dealing with tight spots. Bates may also be implying that this strength is not something that can be taught or learned, but rather something that is inherent and must be taken advantage of when needed. Overall, this quote serves as a reminder to constantly believe in oneself and to never give up, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

About the Author

United Kingdom Flag This quote is written / told by Alan Bates between February 17, 1934 and December 27, 2003. He was a famous Actor from United Kingdom. The author also have 11 other quotes.

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