Poetry Collection: Anecdotal Evidence

" Anecdotal Evidence" is a poetry collection published in 2018 by British poet Wendy Cope. This collection consists of poems that narrate the poet's individual experiences, relationships, memories, and opinions with wit, humor, and sensitivity. Composed with terrific technical ability, Cope presents thoughtful and often paradoxical observations of her life and the world around her. These poems showcase her skillful usage of language, rhyme, and meter, and offer profound and touching insights into what it indicates to be human. The collection is divided into five areas: Up to the Age of Ten, Remembering My Parents, Relationships, Literary Influences, and Keep Your Distance.

As much as the Age of Ten
This section starts the collection with poems that recall Cope's youth. Her memories are presented in a humorous and light-hearted manner, yet they likewise reveal an extensive understanding of the complexities of domesticity and the roles that individuals play within it. One such poem, titled "First Love", tells the story of a nine-year-old Wendy admiring her teacher and the sense of confusion when initially coming across the feeling of love. In another poem titled "Girls", she explains the daily childhood obstacles faced by her and her sis, such as picking the most stunning dress to use.

Remembering My Parents
This area includes poems that handle the memories of her parents, their lives, and the effect these memories have had on Cope. One poem, "Anecdotal Evidence", explores her dad's storytelling abilities and how his stories formed a significant part of her memories maturing. In another poem titled "My Father's Auction", the poet grieves her daddy's death by relating it to an unfortunate however also funny auction procedure. The poem "My Mother's Radio" shows a deep sense of fond memories, as Cope assesses the deep generational divides between her and her moms and dads, and how different their worlds are.

Cope explores different elements of love in this section, delving into the complexities of modern-day romance, commitment, and heartbreak. Among her humorous approaches to the topic can be seen in the poem "My Lover", where the poet pictures her lover noting her faults in a mock job reference. Another noteworthy poem from this section is "The Submission" where she analyzes her function as a poet in modern society and what she blogs about in her poems so that they connect to individuals.

Literary Influences
Cope's influences can be traced back to her deep love for literature, as this section demonstrates through poems motivated by past literary figures. One such poem is "On Seeing My Name in a Book of Bad Verse", which relates the story of her discovering her name pointed out in a critic's anthology of terrible poetry. "Flos Campi", inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins's poem "The Windhover", demonstrates a significant influence on Cope's design and material. Another poem, "Christmas Poem", is a homage to T.S. Eliot's poem "Journey of the Magi." These poems show Cope's awareness of and connection to literary history.

Keep Your Distance
In the last section, Cope checks out the theme of social seclusion, offering an unique viewpoint on the world and the relationships within it. "Some More Light Verse" is an amusing poem about rejection and the slapstick nature of romantic accessories, inviting readers to make fun of their vulnerabilities. The poem "Gardener's Mate" informs the story of a garden enthusiast's isolation, yet their touching connection to nature. Finally, "Too Busy" humorously examines the contemporary life and people's preoccupation with "busyness.".

In conclusion, "Anecdotal Evidence" is a delightful collection of poetry that brings Cope's keen observations and distinct voice to life. It includes various themes and feelings, checking out love, loss, household, childhood memories, and the poet's relationship with her literary predecessors. Significant and friendly, Wendy Cope's "Anecdotal Evidence" is a gratifying read for poetry fans or just anybody thinking about a fresh perspective on the human experience.
Anecdotal Evidence

Wendy Cope's fifth collection of poems, reflecting on personal memories, childhood recollections, and engaging with works of literature and history.

Author: Wendy Cope

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