Book: Everybody talks about the weather...We don't

"Everybody discuss the weather condition ... We do not" is a collection of works by German journalist and political activist Ulrike Meinhof. The book, released in 2008, uses a special and insightful viewpoint on the political climate of Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. Meinhof, who was a founding member of the Red Army Faction (RAF), a West German far-left paramilitary company, was mostly concerned with exposing the viewed injustices perpetuated by the German government and advocating for extreme sociopolitical change.

Ulrike Meinhof was born in 1934 and matured in Nazi Germany. She became politically active during her research studies and later on started her journalistic career in the 1950s. Meinhof's writings mostly appeared in the far-left magazine "konkret" and quickly established her as an important voice for the radical left in West Germany. Throughout her career, Meinhof wrote about a vast array of issues, such as the Vietnam War, the oppression of political dissidents, and the growing civil liberties movement. She ultimately made the shift from journalism to armed battle through the development of the RAF in 1970.

Political Perspective
Meinhof's works highlight her strong Marxist-Leninist beliefs and her disillusionment with the supposedly democratic West German government. As an outcome, she argues that the political system in West Germany is an extension of the overbearing Nazi routine in all however name. She believes that only a socialist revolution can bring about real democracy and equality.

In her works, Meinhof regularly critiques the West German federal government's hypocrisy, accusing it of supporting oppressive routines worldwide while claiming to be a beacon of liberty and democracy. She likewise denounces the media for perpetuating a pro-government, pro-capitalist narrative, stating that it serves to silence dissenting voices and keep the status quo.

Global Issues
Meinhof's work extends beyond criticizing the West German government and delves into a larger international context. She addresses different international concerns, particularly the Vietnam War and U.S. imperialism. In among her most famous articles, Meinhof knocks the U.S. intervention in Vietnam and implicates the West German government of complicity in the violence through its support for the U.S

. She likewise felt sorry for revolutionaries in Latin America and the Middle East, particularly in the context of the Palestinian battle for nationwide freedom. Meinhof saw these struggles as being adjoined in the global fight versus imperialism and commercialism.

Shift to Armed Struggle
Meinhof's increasing frustration with the state of affairs in Germany and her frustration with conventional techniques of demonstration eventually led her to embrace armed battle as a method of initiating modification. Her writings make it clear that she thought violence was an essential and justified tool in the battle versus an oppressive federal government.

Her shift from journalism to terrorism came when she helped free fellow RAF member Andreas Baader from jail in May 1970. From there, Meinhof and the RAF performed a series of bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations targeting agents of the West German federal government, U.S. military personnel, and other viewed enemies of the revolutionary cause.

Ulrike Meinhof's writings in "Everybody talks about the weather ... We don't" provide valuable insight into the state of mind of a revolutionary activist during a tumultuous period of German history. Her criticism of the West German federal government and her advocacy for global transformation represent an extreme point of view that records the spirit of the period.

Though Meinhof's dedication to her cause eventually led to her imprisonment and death in Stammheim Prison in 1976, the collection of her works provides a distinct opportunity to better understand the motivations and ideology behind the violent and controversial course she selected to take in the name of social justice.
Everybody talks about the weather...We don't
Original Title: Das RAF Phantom

The book features a selection of essays by Ulrike Meinhof and an introduction by Karin Bauer. The essays cover the action plan of the Red Army Faction and Meinhof's political standpoint.

Author: Ulrike Meinhof

Ulrike Meinhof Ulrike Meinhof, radical journalist & co-founder of the Red Army Faction. Born in Germany on 7th Oct 1934, she took a stand against global injustices.
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