Keep Going for It!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

"Keep Going for It!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur" is a book written by Victor Kiam in 1990, which shares the author's experiences and recommendations on becoming and sustaining the life of a business owner. As a self-made millionaire and owner of numerous services, consisting of the Remington Products Company, Kiam uses an encouraging and insightful guide for aiming business owners.

Early Years and Lessons from Failure
The book begins with K_Endinguring memories and lessons from Kiam's childhood and early profession, stressing the impact of his father, who taught him the value of effort, determination, and organization acumen. As a boy, Kiam experienced a number of business failures, including his first venture where he acquired a low-cost hair lotion from Europe and tried to offer it in the US market. Regardless of the failures, his durability and passion for success persisted.

Kiam also shares stories of his time working for different big corporations like Playtex and Lever Brothers. This experience taught him valuable lessons about the corporate world, which he would later on utilize when leading his companies. Kiam stresses the significance of learning from failures and utilizing them as stepping stones towards success.

Acquiring Remington and Turning It Around
One of the essential turning points in Kiam's life was the acquisition of the struggling Remington Products Company in 1979. He saw possible in the brand name and thought that he might turn the company around. Kiam shares the lessons he discovered while acquiring, financing, and revitalizing Remington. He details the methods he utilized to rebuild the business's image, consisting of leveraging customer feedback and influential marketing methods, such as the famous "I liked the electric razor a lot, I purchased the business" project.

Kiam emphasizes the role of creativity and development in turning Remington's fortunes around. By focusing on the brand name's special selling points and tapping into the emotions and needs of the customers, he had the ability to differentiate Remington from its rivals and protect its position in the market.

Keys to Success and Maintaining the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Throughout the book, Kiam provides valuable advice for aiming business owners. He stresses the importance of enthusiasm, strength, and focus. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to face challenges and obstacles and have the durability to keep going despite obstacles. Kiam likewise highlights the significance of self-motivation, the ability to set and accomplish goals, and the need to take calculated risks to enjoy the rewards.

Kiam also talks about the value of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who share their entrepreneurial vision. He encourages entrepreneurs to seek out mentors, construct partnerships, and network with individuals who can help and support them along their journey.

The Importance of Ethics and Social Responsibility
Kiam worries the value of keeping ethical standards and social duty in service. He thinks business owners have a duty to contribute positively to society and should prevent engaging in doubtful practices for short-term gains. Kiam even more highlights this by sharing examples from his own experience, where he prioritized the well-being of his workers and clients above financial gains.

"Keep Going for It!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur" is a fascinating and inspiring account of Victor Kiam's journey as an entrepreneur. The book provides readers with important insights and advice on pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and getting rid of obstacles. Through Kiam's individual experiences, he teaches striving entrepreneurs the value of passion, durability, creativity, innovation, and principles in business. The book reminds readers that success does not come without obstacles, but with determination and commitment, anyone can achieve their objectives and live the life of an entrepreneur.
Keep Going for It!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

A follow-up to Going for It!, delving deeper into the world of entrepreneurship and offering more advice for business success and growth, drawing from Kiam's own experiences.

Author: Victor Kiam

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