Book: Something Big Has Been Here

" Something Big Has Been Here" is a collection of kids's poetry, written by Jack Prelutsky and shown by James Stevenson. Released in 1990, the book contains over 100 entertaining and imaginative poems that engage young readers with their wit, wordplay, and fantasy. Influenced by the likes of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, Prelutsky's poems have been a substantial contribution to the world of children's literature, amassing numerous awards and acknowledgment.

Styles and Style
The poems in "Something Big Has Been Here" discuss various styles that resonate with children, such as animals, fantasy animals, school experiences, food, and much more. Understood for his zany humor and unreasonable scenarios, Prelutsky's poetry is characterized by rich vocabulary, engaging rhymes, and balanced patterns. This makes it enjoyable and friendly for young readers, who are motivated to check out the poems aloud and appreciate the musicality of the language.

A popular feature of Prelutsky's poetry is his usage of anthropomorphism, imbuing animals, items, and even feelings with human qualities. This allows kids to connect with the content in a fun and appealing way. Moreover, the poet utilizes vivid images and sensory language to evoke strong feelings and produce an immersive experience for his readers.

James Stevenson's illustrations in "Something Big Has Been Here" are a best enhance to Prelutsky's spirited poetry. Simple yet expressive, the illustrations record the essence of each poem and include an extra layer of humor and whimsy to the reader's experience. The mix of text and illustrations make the book aesthetically attractive and amusing, encouraging kids to engage with poetry on numerous levels.

Chosen Poems
Some of the noteworthy poems in "Something Big Has Been Here" consist of:

1. Research!-- A poem that records the universal dread of homework faced by kids. The poem uses humor and exaggeration to describe the apparently overwhelming task of finishing homework, yet conveys a subtle message about facing difficulties head-on.

2. Trippingly on the Tongue-- An enjoyable, busy poem with tongue-twisters and smart wordplay that challenges readers to practice their pronunciation and enunciation skills, making it ideal for checking out aloud.

3. Something Big Has Been Here-- The titular poem develops a sense of mystery and thriller, as a kid tries to find out the proof left by an evasive, enormous creature.

4. The Azalea-- A poem about an azalea that personifies the shrub's shy, unassuming nature, in contrast to more energetic flowers.

5. The Dreadful Doings of Jelly Belly-- A cautionary tale about overindulgence, telling the story of a girl who consumes a lot sweet that she changes into a blob of jelly.

Impact and Legacy
"Something Big Has Been Here" has been commemorated as a traditional in kids's literature, and its appeal has only grown given that its publication in 1990. Jack Prelutsky's spirited poetry has motivated numerous young readers to develop a love for the written and spoken word, and his style and styles have actually influenced other kids's poets.

Educators and teachers have praised Prelutsky's work for its ability to engage kids with language and influence a love of reading. His poems are often used in class to teach reading, innovative writing, and critical thinking abilities, as well as to encourage students to explore poetry and enjoy the creative possibilities of language.

In conclusion, "Something Big Has Been Here" provides a wonderful and interesting collection of kids's poetry that continues to captivate and motivate young readers, cultivating their gratitude for the richness and flexibility of language. With over 100 funny, creative, and thought-provoking poems accompanied by James Stevenson's captivating illustrations, this book has actually made its location as a classic in the world of kids's literature.
Something Big Has Been Here

A collection of children's poetry with a touch of humor and illustrations that capture readers' imaginations by exploring various subjects and situations.

Author: Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky Jack Prelutsky, American poet and children's author. Explore his entertaining poems and inspiring quotes that span over four decades.
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