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BornNovember 20, 1975
Age48 years
Davey Havok, birthed David Paden Passaro, is an American musician, vocalist, and also songwriter best called the prima donna of the rock band AFI. Born on November 20, 1975, in Rochester, New York, Havok has actually added significantly to the modern hard rock as well as alternative music scene. With a career covering over 20 years, he has teamed up with different musicians as well as bands while also branching off right into the globe of acting, style, and composing.

Early Life
Davey Havok grew up in a household that appreciated different categories of music, which in turn, played a considerable role fit his music preference. His family relocated to Ukiah, California, when he was a kid. It was here where he established an enthusiasm for rock as well as punk music, being attracted towards bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, and also The Smiths.

In senior high school, Havok became friends with three future members of AFI: guitar player Mark Stopholese, drummer Adam Carson, as well as bassist Vic Chalker. Havok, a vegan as well as straight side, was understood for his distinct sense of style and his energised onstage visibility, which established him as a notable name in the neighborhood hard rock scene.

Formation of AFI
In 1991, Havok, Stopholese, Carson, and also Chalker created a punk rock band called A Fire Inside (AFI). They started by doing covers of their favored bands before starting to compose and also tape-record their own product. In 1995, they launched their launching cd, "Answer That as well as Stay Fashionable", which attracted influences from punk and also hardcore music.

AFI's schedule underwent a number of adjustments in the coming years, including the departure of Chalker as well as the arrival of bassist Hunter Burgan. By their 3rd album, "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes", their design had actually started to advance beyond their hard rock origins to consist of aspects of scary punk, post-hardcore, as well as emo.

Mainstream Success and Personal Projects
AFI's 4th album, "Black Sails in the Sunset", showcased the band's signature dark and also psychological noise, gaining them an increasingly specialized fan base. Their mainstream innovation came with 2003's "Sing the Sorrow", which included hits like "Girl's Not Grey" as well as "Silver and also Cold".

As the band remained to obtain appeal, Havok ventured into other projects. He created an electronic duo called Blaqk Audio with AFI guitar player Jade Puget in 2007, launching numerous albums that deviated from AFI's guitar-driven sound.

In 2017, Havok and also Puget likewise formed the hardcore punk band XTRMST, more showcasing their range and also convenience as artists. Throughout his profession, Havok has actually shown up in many movies and tv shows, consisting of "Godkiller" and also "Knife Fight".

Style and Writing
In 2008, Havok launched a cruelty-free style line called Zu Boutique, showing his dedication to pet civil liberties and veganism. He has also released 2 books, "Love Fast Los Angeles" (2018) and "Pop Kids" (2013), which display his imaginative writing capabilities.

Tradition as well as Influence
Davey Havok's payment to the option and hard rock music scenes has been impactful, with his stirring verses and effective stage visibility inspiring myriad upcoming musicians. As the frontman of AFI, his unique design and influence have permeated the songs landscape over the past two decades. Havok's dedication to pet civil liberties, straight edge way of life, and also creative ventures in vogue as well as literature further underscore his status as a multifaceted as well as influential musician.

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"The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn't freak us out too much"