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BornMarch 19, 1936
DiedMay 1, 1988
Aged52 years
Ben Lexcen, born Robert Clyde Miller on February 19, 1936, in Adelaide, South Australia, was an Australian yachtsman as well as marine architect who rose to popularity for making the Australia II, the yacht which won the respected 1983 America's Mug. Lexcen died on May 1, 1988, in Sydney, at the age of 52.

Maturing in Adelaide, Lexcen displayed a passion for cruising and also watercraft making at an early stage in his life. At the age of 16, he left institution and also moved to Sydney to sign up with a sail-making company, Miller and Whitworth. It was throughout this duration that he began making and playing with luxury yachts in his spare time. He gradually developed a track record as an experienced developer as well as at some point altered his name to Ben Lexcen in 1970, choosing an extra memorable tag that would certainly distinguish him in the world of cruising.

Throughout his occupation, Lexcen collaborated with popular yachtsmen and also entrepreneurs, including Australian business person Alan Bond. With each other, they formed a formidable collaboration which finished in the development of the tough luxury yacht Australia II. Lexcen's groundbreaking design was defined by its ingenious winged keel, which provided remarkable security as well as rate compared to standard sailing vessels. The style was so exceptional that it led to rumors of secret technology and also espionage in the sailing world.

The pivotal moment in Lexcen's occupation came in 1983 when the Australia II, skippered by John Bertrand, won the America's Cup, ending the New York Yacht Club's 132-year winning touch. It was the first time a challenger from outside the United States had actually won the sought after prize, and it moved Lexcen to international popularity. His ingenious style was commonly attributed for the success, and also he came to be a nationwide hero in Australia.

Complying with the 1983 America's Cup accomplishment, Lexcen remained to design a number of other luxury yachts, consisting of the Australia III and also IV. Nevertheless, none of these vessels handled to duplicate the success of the Australia II. Lexcen dealt with a number of lawful battles relating to the origins of the winged keel, which examined his strength yet ultimately did not stain his online reputation as a fantastic luxury yacht developer.

Along with his job as a marine designer, Ben Lexcen was recognized for his outbound personality and epic existence. He was a charming and gregarious number, usually seen appreciating the business of friends and family at his beloved beach home on the New South Wales coastline. Lexcen was married to Jodi, as well as together they had 2 youngsters, a kid called Scott as well as a child called Kara.

Ben Lexcen's unfortunate death in 1988 came as a shock to the cruising neighborhood, yet his cutting-edge styles as well as contributions to yachting survive in the America's Cup history. His cutting edge winged keel is still considered among one of the most considerable innovations in private yacht design, as well as Lexcen's trailblazing spirit remains to motivate yacht developers and seafarers all over the world.

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